News for Book Lovers

News for Book Lovers

I hope you all love books. If you don’t love books, you can stop reading here.

If you love books, you might enjoy the following:

First of all, I’m falling in love with this concept of the Little Free Library. I would love to have one near my home, but unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury. On the other hand, plenty of other places are taking advantage of the whole take-a-book, leave-a-book…

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Just Two Days Until NaNoWriMo!

I have an awesome Halloween costume, and too many ideas to choose from. On the bright side, I think my overabundance of ideas is going to translate into a whole host of interesting characters for my novel.

Who else is excited for this?!?

The Doorkeeper

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NaNo Planning: on things I don’t know how to do

I have been neglecting this blog, which makes me sad. I haven’t been writing much poetry, because I haven’t managed to make sufficient time for it recently, and now I’m getting distracted with ideas for NaNo novels. I will definitely be making time for…

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November Is Coming

I want to do NaNoWriMo again this year. Last year was the first time I finished 50,000 words of a single, unified project, and this might be the year for me to finish a proper novel (finally.)

Are any of you planning to write this November? What kind of…

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systematic fail, yourblood unwinding, ironcoiling from the veins:red that fades to rust   The…

systematic fail, your
blood unwinding, iron
coiling from the veins:
red that fades to rust

The Doorkeeper

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“kmcken said: What’s going on with Tumblr things?”

I really mean the fact that after Yahoo bought the company they silently modified Tumblr’s search functionality and search engine indexing to effectively block anything that they designated as “porn,” including a lot of completely innocent LGBT blogs, some blogs that just seemed to have been randomly chosen, and some blogs that include x-rated content, but which are focused on showcasing edgy art rather than stuff that’s meant to be porn. To be fair, they retracted most of it after users complained, but I wasn’t pleased with the fact that they’re trying to censor people’s blogs in the first place. I’m also a little concerned that they may try to do it again, possibly in a more subtle manner this time, since it seems they want to change Tumblr into an enforced PG, family-friendly type of platform, which in my opinion, is an uncool thing to do.

So that’s where I’m coming from on the whole changing-primary-blogs thing. =)

Moving On

The recent Tumblr politics debacle got me thinking about whether Tumblr is the best place for me. It’s not. I have created a blog at, which will be my new home. I will continue to update my Tumblr, but please feel free…

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Times Are Changing (and so is my handle)

For the sake of consistency and to shake things up (by making them match) this blog will now be located at

Thank you for reading!

Change of Seasons

Memories like fall leaves
tumble over me, the
gold of joy and orange lust
streaked with rusty red. I
think you know I’ll miss you.
I hope you know I’m fine.

The Doorkeeper